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domain hunter gatherer crack

Domain Hunter Gatherer Crack [Pros & Cons] Free Download 2022

Domain Hunter Gatherer Crack is meant to assist customers in locating web domains that have expired and are up for sale at a very lower rate. Moreover, the tool can apply multiple sorts of filters and these settings can be saved as a TXT, CSV as well and XML file for later use. All in all, Domain Hunter Gatherer Crack integrates with 3 external search engines: The first one is Domain Auction Hunter, the second is Web 2.0 Hunter, and the 3rd Expired Domain Hunter. Having more than one choice is a superb method for double-checking the query results.

The resource is, in essence, very simple and straightforward. So, once a valid text string has been inserted in the search field, the tool automatically connects to the aforementioned sites (the number of engines queried relies on the license purchased such as a basic license will only communicate with Domain Auction Hunter). All in all, domain hunter gatherer pro cracked is here.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Crack [Pros & Cons] Download

It’s a simple case of supply and demand. Because there are few high-quality expired domains, and they are in high demand, the price tends to increase. If your private blog network is made up of expired domains with a wide variety of niches, you could be a prime target for possible penalties from Google.

Looking for expired domains can be draining. Manual searches take too long and yield results that are far less than expected. Once you find an expired domain that may work, you also have to do a little digging. You need to check the websites that are linking to that domain, any interaction it had with social media, how many backlinks it had, how niche-specific the domain name is, and other factors to evaluate its quality. Thankfully, there is a more efficient solution.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Features:

  1. Finds the best quality aged domains from 5$ to 10$ or less.
  2. Easily and fastly crawl high authority domains.
  3. Finds related ranks expired websites in no time.
  4. On a daily basis crawl uncountable pages.
  5. Filter option for the best choice
  6. Lifetime crack software with online working.
  7. It searches for domains and backlinks that you want.
  8. Just enter the domain keyword and hits the many domains in seconds
  9. Domain Auction Hunter tool recovers millions of strong and brandable websites at a low price.
  10. So Simple setup for use
  11. DHG premium features.

Domain Hunter Gatherer PROS & CONS:

Here are a few key advantages of using Domain Hunter Gatherer as a primary way for finding expired domains:

domain hunter gatherer


  • Getting started was fast and easy. In just a few clicks, the software was installed and running.
  • You will get access to other tools like Dom Recovery, DomDetailer, and Easy Expired Domains in the Professional Plan.
  • You can also quickly search through thousands and thousands of well-known sites for expired domains. This saves a lot of time and effort as opposed to having to seek them out manually.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • The software also fetches domain metrics from Majestic & Moz at no additional cost (with the professional plan).
  • You can easily sort and also filter by metrics, including countries and languages.


  • The program consumes some of your computer resources which are not strange as every program does that. I experienced high resource usage at times but not always. If you’re going to run it regularly, you’ll probably want a separate Windows VPS for it to run efficiently because sometimes the searching process takes days.
  •  They don’t come in a package, and you need to purchase them separately. For one month of DHG usage, I have bought 50 proxies. I don’t know what the best number to have is. I guess the more, the better.
  • In some cases, it will show some domain as expired while upon checking, you will see that it is still registered.
  • Still needed much manual work as you need to check domain backlink profile and snapshots from Wayback Machine manually.
  • Video guides are for older versions of DHG. But not much has changed.

Free Plan For DHG That Offer Features Such As:

  • Completely free
  • Excellent video guides
  • More than 35 quality metrics
  • Backlinks, CF, TF, DA, and Age
  • Compare domains from different auction websites
  • Designed particularly for ad-supported domain auction hunting

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7+ / Server 2008+ 64-bit.
  • 2+ Core CPU.
  • 4GB+ Ram.
  • 100Mbit Dedicated Connection.
  • Private Proxies.

How To Domain Hunter Gatherer Crack?

  • Easy to download with high-speed internet.
  • Disable your Antivirus from your PC sitting.
  • Use WinRar to Extract.
  • Click on the Setup and Run.
  • Done.

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